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Women’s Rights in Islam and Right to Equivalent Judgment

Women’s Rights: Before the religion of Islam, women were treated badly. The exploitation and oppression of women were common. Moreover, girls’ children were buried alive in graves, no women have the right to own an asset in society, the right for giving divorce was in the hand of men of society, and much more bad was done to women. However, Allah almighty blessed the woe 1400 years ago with rights through the religion Islam. Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) came to raise the status and honor of women in society to protect women’s rights revealed by Allah almighty.

Learn women’s rights through Quran learning Online

Learning websites for kids provides a virtual system to learn Quran online for all Muslim living in different counties. It gives an easy way approach for everyone to get the education of Quranic and Islamic to understand verses of the Holy Quran. It is important to learn the Holy Quran to know your rights and responsibilities in society besides for religious purposes. Hence, an online Quran teacher will teach you every aspect of the religion Islam, or what you desire to learn regarding the Quran. One of the most advanced features to learn Quran online is that people of every age, at any time any place can attend online Quran classes.

Freedom of belief

Who are the four important women in Islam? the following are the most revered women in Islam, whose status is higher according to Islamic sources, the wife of pharaoh “Asiya”, Maryam (mother of Hazrat Isa), wife of Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) “Khadija”, the daughter of Prophet, “Fatima”.  According to women’s rights, Allah almighty has given free will to women for choosing a religion. Allah SWT said in one of the verses, “There is no compulsion in choosing the religion, everyone has the right to distinct”. Moreover, whoever will believe in Allah almighty and adopted His righteous path. she will be rewarded in this life and for life after death as well.

Women’s right to equivalent judgment

In religion Islam, women are encouraged to perform spiritually equal to that of men. They must perform, Salah, Sawm, praying zakat, and other religious obligations, hence they will be rewarded equally to those of men. The Holy Quran, it is clearly said that both men and women will get equal blessings or punishments for what they have done in this world. Live Quran for Kids, offers an online Quran teacher with the option of a male or a female tutor, for the comfort of kids and females to learn Quran online.

Women’s Rights for Education

Furthermore, the Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him), encourages learning for everyone, He said “Getting an education is compulsory for both men and women”. Hence, both have equal rights for education perspective, which is not only limited to learning Quran and Hadiths but also shows capabilities in other perspectives. There are many examples of Islamic women who set honorable status as scholars, scientists and physicians, and many more. If someone wants to explore more about related Hadiths and verses of the Holy Quran to women’s rights, she can learn it through online Quran classes for females.

Women’s Rights for financial independence

On the other hand, Allah almighty has also given rights for women to have financial stability as well. Omens can have their asset in a community, earn money, buy property, etc. Besides this, Allah SWT also gives a right for property inheritance for women from parental and husband sides. Women can seek help in learning regarding their rights of inheritance from online Quran teacher.

Women’s Rights for Choosing a Spouse

Besides so many rights for women, Allah almighty has also given a blessing for females to choose their spouses as well. Women have free will to accept or reject a proposal. It is necessary for parents to take the opinions of their daughters before accepting a marriage proposal. Forced marriages are strictly prohibited in religion Islam. Hence, Islam is the religion of all with freedom.

As Muslims, we must learn the Holy Quran to understand. Learn Quran online, offers online Quran classes for the recitation of the Quran and Tafseer. So one can understand the meaning of verses of the holy Quran to lead a life knowing what to do and for whom, with what purpose. Therefore, learning from an online Quran teacher is very helpful in various ways, as one is not just restricted to Quranic education.  They help in understanding every aspect of living as well.

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