About Us

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him) says, “The best among us are those who read and teach Holy Quran to others”.

Who We Are

Iqra Quranic Is The Number Website To Make You How To Learn Quran Online. We Have The Best Team Of Experienced Ad Highly Qualified Online Quran Teachers Who Teach You Every Aspect Of Learning The Quran And The Religion Islam. We Help You To Achieve Your Goals Regarding The Learning Of The Holy Quran In Every Aspect, Recitation Of The Quran With Tajweed, Learning Tafseer Or Transliteration Of The Quran, Memorization, Norani Qaida Teaching, Arabic Language Course, Etc.


Why Choose Iqra Quranic?

Our vision is to provide you all with the aspiring knowledge that one Muslim needs to lead a life correctly following the rules of Allah almighty to seek his blessings for this world and easiness for life after death. Secondly, most important to make our coming generations instinct Islamic values in them to become good Muslims. The following are the reasons for one must choose Iqra Quranic.

We do care for our customers and know the economic pressure of selecting a tutor. Therefore, we provide the best online Quran teacher with the least charges to pay. We do not compromise on our Quality and always maintained our standards high. 

We provide 24-hour services, 7 days a week to help our respected customers anytime to teach online Quran.

Our highly skilled online Quran teachers are always there to make our customer’s students satisfied with learning online Quran.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where I can learn Quran online?

Online Quran classes have unlimited advantages over traditional modes of learning Quran. One can save time and money by choosing to learn Quran online. On the other hand, online Quran classes are easily accessible and convenient regardless of time and boundaries limitations.

How can I learn the Quran online for free?

One may learn Quran online by simply get registered for online Quran classes provided y reliable online Quran academies. In the growing technology world, this way of learning the online Quran is the most appropriate. One customizes its timetable as well as Quran learning courses according to their convenience.

Are online Quran classes are good?

Learn Quran Online is a virtual platform where students get Quran education from online Quran teachers through online Quran classes. One just needs a device (laptop, or smartphone), a stable internet connection, and a headset. It is a most reliable way these days, to learn Quran online, as they provide services all around the world.

Is Quran Academy free?

Online Quran institutes provide professional and certified online Quran teachers to teach online Quran. They use various interactive ways for teaching online Quran to kids and adults as well. Online Quran teacher are highly trained for the purpose to learn Quran online. Online Quran classes are safer and more secure from a parental point of view.