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Online Quran Classes for Kids, Beginners, and Adults

Iqra Quranic is an educational platform that provides Islamic education to learn Quran online for everyone without any limitations of age, gender, timing, and country region. It is an e-learning website, which facilitates several services with easy modes of accessibility to allow every Muslim to Learn Quran online. Moreover, for those Muslims who are living in Western culture, this mode of learning Quranic and Islamic education is a kind of blessing for them to enrich their kids and themselves with the love of Allah Almighty.

However, to fulfill and made easier this task for you, Iqra Quranic offers various kinds of courses that are relatable to the Holy Quran and religious Islam teachings. One of the best features that are provided by the Iqra Quranic learning website for kids is that they offer a free trial for online Quran classes for Kids.

Choose a Plan that Work for You

2 Days Class


$ 29.99 Month

3 Days Class


$ 34.99 Month

5 Days Class


$ 49.99 Month

60 Minutes - 5 Days


$ 84.99 Month

Learn Quran Online | Following Rules of Tajweed

In this modern era, with the rise of Internet technology, getting a Quran education has become more convenient for everyone than before. However, before choosing to learn Quran online, one must approach the appropriate website, therefore Iqra Quranic is the right option for you as they facilitate the right Quranic course, with essential tools for learning through online Quran classes. How to learn Quran online with Tajweed? Our learning website offers to teach online Quran with Tajweed. It is an essential part that one must learn to do recitation of the Holy Quran correctly. Our passionate and student-focused online Quran teachers help students to teach a set of rules for Tajweed for kids and beginners.

How to learn Arabic? Iqra Quranic does provide online Quran classes for learning the basics of the Arabic langue to understand and read the Holy Quran. We do offer courses to learn Quran online for learning Tafseer. On the other hand, one can also learn to Hifz the Holy Quran from our dedicated and creative online Quran teachers. 

why CHOOSE Iqra Quranic Academy

Alternative Teachers

To satisfy our students, We can immediately change a Tutor. If any is not satisfied.

Evaluation Reports

We provide progress reports. So, you can evaluate them as Education.

Wide Range of Tutors

We have a team of special and well-experienced Quran Teachers.

Easy Payment Mode

We use Paypal, local Banks, Credit Cards, etc. You can get a receipt through email.

Availability 24-Hours

We are available 24/7 for Quran Classes. Anyone can contact us anytime.

Learn Quran Worldwide

We not only conduct Quran classes in our country but almost in every country.





Quran with Translation

Quran Hifz Guide

Learn Complete Namaz

About Us

Iqra Quranic is one of the leading institutes to make you Learn Quran online for Arabs and non-Arab Muslims all over the globe in the most easily approachable way.  Our basic aim is to spread the message of Allah almighty and make availability of learning the Holy Quran to every Muslim without any hurdle. We are offering online Quran classes to all most all countries like the USA, UK, Europe, UAE, Canada, Denmark, Norway, etc.  We provide one-to-one online Quran sessions for students with the option of choosing a male or female tutor for learning the Quran online. We offer the most affordable way to learn Quran online with the best packages for fee structure. Moreover, we have specially designed different Quran courses to fulfill the requirements of students.

Feedback for Students

Faizan Awan (UAE)

IQRA QURANIC is the platform to learn Quran online is best. I have seen a lot of progress in the way of recitation of the Quran by my children. The online Quran teachers they provided are very hardworking, punctual, efficient, patient, and understanding.

Nadir Aslam Baloch (Canada)

Alhamdulillah, I am very much satisfied with the service to Learn Quran Online. My son already registered for their online Quran classes. I have seen a lot of improvement in the recitation of the Quran. The timetable of this Academy is Good.

Javeria Suhail (Pakistan)

IQRA QURANIC ACADEMY is an Online Quran learning institute. Their Online Quran Classes have made my life easier and more punctuated. The way of organizing Quran learning courses is very Easy and simple. The teaching method of their Quran teachers is the best.


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