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Online Quran Classes for Kids, Beginners, and Adults

Iqra Quranic is an educational platform that provides Islamic education to learn Quran online for everyone without any limitations of age, gender, timing, and country region. It is an e-learning website, which facilitates several services with easy modes of accessibility to allow every Muslim to Learn Quran online. Moreover, for those Muslims who are living in Western culture, this mode of learning Quranic and Islamic education is a kind of blessing for them to enrich their kids and themselves with the love of Allah Almighty.

However, to fulfill and made easier this task for you, Iqra Quranic offers various kinds of courses that are relatable to the Holy Quran and religious Islam teachings. One of the best features that are provided by the Iqra Quranic learning website for kids is that they offer a free trial for online Quran classes for Kids.


Welcome to Iqra Quranic  Academy

Iqra Quranic Quran Academy offers a very thorough curriculum that covers all the fundamental concepts required for effective Quran learning. The Iqra Quranic Academy’s curriculum is separated into required and elective courses. Iqra Quranic Academy provides yon Quran sharif ki tilawat, Tafseer Quran & Tajweed Quran courses for beginners & advanced to learn and read the tilawat Quran. If you want to know how to teach the online Quran? So you can take trial classes. Iqra Quranic Academy has the greatest online Quran tutor for Quran & Islamic Studies.


Tajweed and Tarteel

Quran with Tajweed

Perfect Quran recitation

Quran memorization

Quran translation


Basic Islamic Education

Short Surahs memorization

Learning how to pray Salah

Memorization of daily duas

Learning Islamic principles


Basic Course

Learn Arabic Alphabet

Recognizing Arabic Letters

Correct Pronounciation

White Board Sessions

Popular Courses

At Iqraquranic we provide a wide variety of courses. Enroll in one or more courses of your choice.

How to take Quran Online Classes? And how to make courses meaningful, responsive and inspirational?

Our online teaching services have reached 90 countries worldwide, a testament to our dedication and hard work. At Iqra Quranic Online Quran Academy, we go the extra mile to deliver top-quality education to our students. Our team of qualified teachers hails from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, UAE, Jordan, and Egypt, ensuring a rich learning experience. Proficient in English, Urdu, and Arabic, our teachers provide seamless instruction across languages.

Our primary focus lies in our instructors, who prioritize the fundamental elements of Quranic learning: Tajweed, Qirat, Arabic, and systematic memorization. We place significant emphasis on precise Arabic pronunciation and accentuation. Furthermore, our services surpass expectations, with round-the-clock availability. Additionally, we offer weekend Quran classes, including specialized sessions for children, ensuring flexible learning opportunities.

Trial sessions with a variety of instructors

Indeed, our commitment is to deliver quality teaching. To uphold this standard, we proudly offer trial classes for online Quran learning. Orientation sessions serve as our proof of dedication to our motto. In a market filled with deceit, we stand firm on our promises, delivering quality without compromise. Our service is sincere, driven by our devotion to Allah and the responsibility to share goodness as Muslims. This commitment brings remarkable results.

Learning under proficient Teachers

With utmost joy, we uphold unwavering standards of quality. Introducing our esteemed Quran teachers, carefully selected for excellence. Our online tutors are well-equipped to conduct Quran classes online, boasting extensive experience and university qualifications. With a proven track record of years of Quranic instruction, they prioritize a familial bond with their students. Rest assured, learning under their guidance ensures a focused and rewarding educational journey.

Reasonable charges

Our mission is to disseminate Quranic education far and wide, making online Quran learning easily accessible. We ensure that adults encounter no obstacles in their online Quranic studies. To further facilitate this, we provide affordable pricing options, catering to diverse financial capabilities. Our pricing structure is tailored to meet the demands of a competitive market, striving to bridge disparities in pricing strategies. It is our responsibility to enhance efficiency and productivity in the field. For more details, accessing information regarding (Hidya) fees is readily available through our management team.

Female tutors for female students

We’ve noticed a preference among female students for female Quran teachers in our online classes. To accommodate this, we’ve assembled a talented group of female instructors who dedicate themselves wholeheartedly to their work. Learning the Quran is made effortless for both parents and children, thanks to the dedication of these female teachers. They’re available round-the-clock, ensuring accessibility for students from all corners. Our male and female teachers are equally qualified to teach all levels, from beginner to advanced, covering Quran with Tajweed, Arabic, and other courses comprehensively.

Learn Quran Online | Following Rules of Tajweed

In this modern era, with the rise of Internet technology, getting a Quran education has become more convenient for everyone than before. However, before choosing to learn Quran online, one must approach the appropriate website, therefore Iqra Quranic is the right option for you as they facilitate the right Quranic course, with essential tools for learning through online Quran classes. How to learn Quran online with Tajweed? Our learning website offers to teach online Quran with Tajweed. It is an essential part that one must learn to do recitation of the Holy Quran correctly. Our passionate and student-focused online Quran teachers help students to teach a set of rules for Tajweed for kids and beginners.

How to learn Arabic? Iqra Quranic does provide online Quran classes for learning the basics of the Arabic langue to understand and read the Holy Quran. We do offer courses to learn Quran online for learning Tafseer. On the other hand, one can also learn to Hifz the Holy Quran from our dedicated and creative online Quran teachers. 


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Iqraquranic.com is one of the most experienced academies for Quran learning online.

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Knowledge and upbringing both at the same time with Iqra Quranic Academy.

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The only academy that provides you with the best online teachers regardless of any time.


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Teachers of the Quran in Arabic, Urdu, Pashto, and Sindhi are available online.


Male/Female Tutors

Availability of male and female tutors for kids and women.


Quality Control Depart

Quality control ensures your children the best knowledge of holy Quran online.



At the end of course not only certificate of “worldwide Quran knowledge “is issued.



Having the permanent worldwide positional institute approved by Government.


Customer Support

Our support is available via email, Whatsapp, and live chat 24/7, except on Sundays.


Easy Payment

A complete registered institute, at which you can pay your fees by sitting at home.



weekly and monthly test are being held and to cherish them reports one being made.


Best Courses

supreme course is being prepared from which making students clear is easy.

About Our Online Quran Learning Services?

Iqraquranic.com stands as a registered organization with a commendable 12-year track record of service. Our online Quran courses and instructors have garnered global acclaim. Our seasoned tutors are committed to imparting the true essence of the Holy Quran with expert guidance. Under the tutelage of our Islamic study instructors, children can swiftly grasp essential knowledge about our peaceful religion.

Our online Quran institute boasts registered teachers in England, America, and Saudi Arabia. Adhering to international laws and regulations, the organization maintains affiliations with numerous financial entities in Pakistan. Through our emphasis on poetic education, we aim to enrich the lives of our children and enhance the upbringing of the global Muslim community. Our experienced Quran tutors are invaluable assets. For those seeking certified online Islamic courses or expert teachers, reach out to our team to guide your child’s future through enriching Islamic studies.

Our Honourable & Respected Clients

I have been taking online Quran classes for memorization and Islamic Courses from the institute, the quality Quran teachers that they provided are the best and professionally trained for the purpose to learn Quran online. Inshallah, I will continue to learn Quran with them and advises others to join also if they truly want to learn Quran online.

Muhammad Tayyab

Alhamdulillah, I am sincerely pleased with my learning Quran online experience with the Iqra Quranic. The online Quran teachers are very friendly, encouraging, and attentive during one-to-one online Quran classes. I have felt confused with several institutes but Iqra Quranic helps me gain confidence now in learning Quran.

Maria Safdar

When it comes to seeking the knowledge of Holy Quran, this institute is recommended best, the quality of teachers and the comfort of the environment they provided are the best. My children are very happy and encouraged to learn Quran online with attractive ways of learning. Iqra Quranic is very hard working and makes learning easier.

Sehar Ishfaq

About Iqra Quranic 

Iqra Quranic is one of the leading institutes to make you Learn Quran online for Arabs and non-Arab Muslims all over the globe in the most easily approachable way.  Our basic aim is to spread the message of Allah almighty and make availability of learning the Holy Quran to every Muslim without any hurdle. We are offering online Quran classes to all most all countries like the USA, UK, Europe, UAE, Canada, Denmark, Norway, etc.  We provide one-to-one online Quran sessions for students with the option of choosing a male or female tutor for learning the Quran online. We offer the most affordable way to learn Quran online with the best packages for fee structure. Moreover, we have specially designed different Quran courses to fulfill the requirements of students.