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Online Quran Lesson’s primary objective is to provide its users with the proper Quran courses so that they are able to recite the Holy Quran on their own with tajweed besides this we also focus on teaching the users the meaning of the Quranic verses and many other Duas.

or you can take and register in one of the following online quran courses.

Following is a list of courses offered by Live Quran For Kids:

Online Quran classes have unlimited advantages over traditional modes of learning Quran. One can save time and money by choosing to learn Quran online. On the other hand, online Quran classes are easily accessible and convenient regardless of time and boundaries limitations.

Learn Quran Online is a virtual platform where students get Quran education from online Quran teachers through online Quran classes. One just needs a device (laptop, or smartphone), a stable internet connection, and a headset. It is a most reliable way these days, to learn Quran online, as they provide services all around the world.


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