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Arabic language | Learn from online Quran classes

For all Muslims, it is very much important to know the Arabic language, as Quran is revealed in Arabic, hence to read and recitation purpose, one must learn this language before. You can get a command of the Arabic language by registering for this course, at Live Quran for Kids, as we have specialized Arabic tutors for teaching Arabic through online Quran classes. Both kids and adults can get register for the online Quran classes for Arabic tutoring. One will be able to learn the following aspects from this course.

  • Highly skilled in reading Arabic
  • Speaking Arabic
  • Online Quran Classes for Kids
  • Grammar of Arabic language
  • How to Write Arabic
  • Listening Command
  • Learn to speak Arabic Fusha (Modern Standard Arabic)
  • Quranic Arabic

This course is specially designed in such a way that Muslim students will able to learn Quran with correct grammar and comprehension. Online Quran teachers focus on how to make new words, and how their form changes and turns with new meanings. Through online Quran classes for Arabic courses, one can increase their vocabulary, and reading skills via text reading and their way to pronounce.

Grammar learning

  • Rules for the grammar of Arabic and phonetics and errors while speaking.
  • Examples of errors in grammar analysis through the Quran, hadith, and Arabic reading text.

Comprehension reading

  • Online Quran teachers will teach Arabic text used for teaching accurate pronunciation.
  • They will teach the meanings of the most difficult words and the usage of these words in different expressions to speak
  • Exercises for comprehension enhancement.

Speaking skills

  • Online Quran teachers make practicing students by speaking and listening to dialogues.
  • Drill of dialogues from the students to learn Arabic.
  • Through online Quran classes, students will be able to learn the making of words by joining 2, 3, 4, or more letters.
  • Listening drill by the online Quran teachers.


Quran understanding by learning Quran online

  • By use of linguistics skills to analyze Quranic ayat’s.
  • Via Rhetoric point of view, explanation of verse of the Quran.
  • Generally, the meaning and translation of Quranic verses.

Our learn Quran online for Arabic tutoring has many levels according to the capability and standard of students. For example, the first level is for beginners, in which they will learn the alphabet and their way of speaking via online Quran classes for Kids. Starting from the beginner’s level to the last level of getting expertise on command of the Arabic language for the recitation of the Holy Quran, one may choose according to their capability and capacity.


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