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Learn Namaz through Online Quran Classes

Namaz is the second pillar of the Islamic belief system. It is considered as the supreme act of worship to Allah almighty. It is an obligatory duty for every Muslim to offer Prayer (Salah) five times a day. Fajr prayer is the first prayer of the day (starting at dawn until sunrise), the Dhuhr prayer (starts when the sun starts to decline), the Asr prayer (in the afternoon), the Maghrib (offer with sunset) and Isha prayer (starts after sunset till midnight).  In this course, our online Quran teachers will not only teach to offer the method for offering obligatory prayer but also make you learn the Eid prayer, Funeral Namaz, Nawafil prayer, how to offer prayer during traveling, and much more regarding this aspect. Through our online Quran classes for Namaz, you will learn the following aspects:

  • Salah’s obligations (Faraiz of Namaz)
  • The actions of Namaz revised (Makroohat-e-Namaz)
  • How to lead Salah and other conditions of Jama’at
  • Mufsidaat (The specific actions by which Salah breaks)
  • Qaadah Namaz


Our online Quran teacher will guide Online Quran teaching to kids and adults as well as offering prayer, ways of doing ablution, and the importance of Namaz. Additionally, you will learn the five pillars of Islam and many other aspects related to Namaz and the religion Islam. So kids get aware of their religious duties

The essential parameters teach through this course for Learning Online Quran are:

  • How we do pray in the first place?
  • How to do Wudu and preparation for Salah?
  • How can I pray the five daily Salah?
  • Differentiate between prayers of Fajr, Dhuhr, Asr, Maghrib, and Isha?
  • How to fix mistakes while praying, and then continue?
  • Including many other aspects related to prayer.

The importance of Namaz can be evaluated from the following verse of the Holy Quran: “I have not created humans and Jinn’s for any other purposes except to worship me”.


Hence, it is proved from the above verse that our purpose of existence is to worship Allah only. There are several ways to worship Allah almighty; however, Salah is one of the most important acts of worship. One can create a stronger bond with Allah almighty through offering prayer. It increases Imaan (faith),  Taqwa (Allah-consciousness), Ikhlas (sincerity), and Ibaadah (worship of Allah almighty). That is why our professional online Quran teachers teach you the proper way of offering Salah systematically. How to learn Prayer easily? Live Quran for Kids offer the best services for teaching Salah through online Quran classes for Kids via a specialized course of learning Salah.

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