Learn Quran Online with the help of Norani Qaida

As the Holy Quran’s basic language is Arabic, which was revealed. Therefore, it is a must to learn about the Arabic langue for learning the recitation of the glorious Quran correctly. Norani Qaida is like a tutorial book that helps in learning the alphabet of Arabic and the grammar of the Quran through online Quran teaching.  Online Quran teachers will make you learn the topics that teach the making of letters, different forms of letters, and how to form these letters, and also includes rules for joining letters of Arabic to form words. It is the most widely used book to learn Arabic for the recitation of the Quran by beginners. Through online Quran classes, you will be able to learn the 17 chapters of Norani Qaida, it is an easier and simpler way to understand the language of Quranic Arabic for a recitation of the Holy Quran.


Ways to Learn Norani Qaida

Norani Qaida is considered the simpler way to teach online Quran by the understanding of Arabic language to non-Arabs. It is specially designed for those Muslims whose native language is not Arabic.  Online Quran classes are the best source for learning Quran online. One can have the top class of online Quran teachers at the most affordable charges. All you need to know about Norani Qaida, you may take help from online Quran teachers. There are three types of Norani Qaida.

  • Fatha
  • Kasra
  • Dammah


Why Noorani Qaida

There are five pillars of religion Islam, Shahada, the Salah, Sawm, zakat, Hajj, and. Through our online Quran teaching, you will be able to learn the most important part of the religion Islam. The most important aspect is “Shahada which is to develop the belief that there is only one Allah and He has the power for everything. Our online Quran teachers will teach about how to perform prayer (Salah), the way to do ablution (Wudu), recitation of verses for performing Salah, etc, you can also learn about the Sawm (fasting). They will make you learn about the Alms giving that is zakat how to pay it and how to calculate it according to the rules of Shari’ah. The pilgrimage (Hajj), its importance, and its rituals can learn from online Quran classes.


The traditional approach to tackling the challenges faced by beginners involves beginning with the fundamentals, making it the initial step in learning how to study the Quran with Tajweed. This method is widely practiced in both Arab and non-Arab countries and serves as a foundational course. Adults who are unfamiliar with reading the Quran should prioritize this basic course. With the advent of technology, we’ve transitioned to online Noorani Qaida classes, which serve as a stepping stone for beginners. This foundational course aids children in reading the Quran fluently and enhances the learning pace. Consequently, it fosters a habit of reading the Quran as intended.